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The reassurance of reliable nursing care combined with the warm and welcoming atmosphere of your own home.

When faced with a serious illness or injury, the experience can be traumatic. For a safe return home, therapy rehabilitation may be necessary. At Highlands Guest Care Center, we offer the ideal solution between hospitalization and home.

Our compassionate team of therapists and caregivers design personalized care plans to address each patient’s unique recovery goals. At Highlands Guest Care Center, we provide on-site therapy rehabilitation to help you regain strength, restore range of motion, and regain independence when possible. Our facility also has the resources to provide specialized care, enabling a speedy recovery and a prompt return home.

We understand that recovery can take time, which is why we offer individualized long-term care for patients who require round-the-clock monitoring and medical support. Alongside our short-term therapy, our team is committed to providing comprehensive care, prioritizing your needs and well-being every step of the way.

You Are Not Alone​

Our Professional Services Include:​